[Talk-at] Unpaved cycleways in Austria?

Pallai Roland pallair at magex.hu
Sun May 10 17:57:33 UTC 2015


2015-05-03 21:10 GMT+02:00 Markus Straub <markus.straub.at at gmail.com>:

> It's complicated, but I hope this helps a bit.

Thanks, it's definitely helped me. I figured out a new marking for unpaved

Now I have ran into a problem with the following way:

Based on the wiki page <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bicycle> this
tagging is doubtful to me, because it's very similar to *M2d*, so
+ oneway:bicycle=no suggests that there is a cycle lane on the right side
usable in both directions. I think it would be clearer without the
oneway:bicycle=no tag (see *M1*).

You can see the problem on my map
the lane is rendered with thick line what means "usable in both directions".

What do you think, is it a tagging issue or should I change my mind?

> P.S.: what's the URL of your cyclemap? I'm interested in your project!


The UI language is hungarian only at present. It's a detailed map and
course creator (route planner) based on the Brouter engine. The map style
based on osm.org but a lot of bicycle-specific markings are added, too much
to list in this mail - check out an area where you have local knowledge and
some will become clear.
The map style is rather functional than a nice one. My purpose is to
provide a detailed map fits for everyday use but help OSM editors to catch
incorrect tagging as well. It might shows more than average joe needs.
Currently the markings are too fuzzy at some places in Austria for my
taste, because there is much higher "bicycle facility density" than I was
used but I'm trying to adapt.

The code isn't on github yet, but that's the way to go, just need some time
to consolidate the project.

Sorry for the late reply but I can pay attention to this project only in my
spare time.

On 2015-05-03 16:20, Pallai Roland wrote:
>> I'm working on a new, detailed web map for cyclists, the coverage has
>> been extended to Austria yesterday and I have found something that's
>> unusual in Hungary (where I started): unpaved cycleways. See:
>> http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/98p
>> Can you tell me are those official cycleways marked with a traffic sign
>> <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:120px-Zeichen_237.svg.png> in
>> Austria? Do the same rules apply to those as to the common cycleways in
>> the city? Are those designated for cyclists?
>> In Hungary we've cycle routes on unpaved roads of course but that's
>> never a cycleway, just a cycle route or recommended way for cyclists
>> (traffic sign <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:KRESZ-KPU.png>)
>> on an unpaved highway, or an unpaved highway suitable for cycling (but
>> not designated for cyclists). If you found some with overpass that's
>> just incorrect labeling.
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