[Talk-at] Leider im Talk Forum

Wolfgang Schreiter osmbox at posteo.de
Fri Jun 28 17:03:55 UTC 2019

Am 27.06.2019 16:08 schrieb Wolfgang Schreiter:
> Am 27.06.2019 14:42 schrieb Marc Gemis:
>> Is 
>> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AgN1X6I9nA64syiHi6MKPdl5R-KXaRbO/view
>> a violation of GDPR ? You publish names, email addresses and a website
>> of people who probably did not give you the permission to do that.
> I am not a lawyer, but according to my understanding GDPR targets
> commercial entities. Private individuals and purposes are excluded.
> Also, the data in the file is publicly available.

Thanks to Marc for pointing out an error in my statement. GDPR is 
applicable as stated e.g. in


i.e. not just for commercial entities.


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