[talk-au] Mapping Lakes - Overlapping Ways warning?

Michael Lenser mlenser at spamcop.net
Sat Nov 3 04:38:45 GMT 2007

In my spare time and lacking track files to trace I've been tracing  
the Gippsland lakes system from LandSat Data into OpenStreetMaps. Due  
to the size and complexity of the lakes I have been doing it in  
sections by closing a way across the lake then later continuing from  
that node and later closing the loop. This seems to render ok but  
Validator plugin 5247 gives Overlapping Way warnings. When I  have  
completed a lake should I remove the closing ways and combine it all  
into one way that traces the shoreline of the lake system or leave it  
in the manageable closed ways and ignore the warning? If I was to join  
it all into one way I suspect it would be several hundred kilometers  



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