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Hi Paul,

For reasons like this, I find I mostly ignore mapnik and just use Osmarender to check my recent work. Your changes will flow through to mapnik eventually, but sometimes it just seems to take a lot longer than it should. 

With Osmarender, I know I can always go and render a recalcitrant tile myself. 


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On 19/11/2007 at 9:51 AM Paul  wrote:

>strange as the Osmrender seems to be updated but not the Mapnik layer
>Note the rail lines in Osmrender layer etc..
>On 19/11/2007 8:56 AM, David Groom wrote:
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>>> just for the records which website are we talking about, is it the 
>>> main http://www.openstreetmap.org? or the information.. site?
>> both!
>> both www.openstretmap.org, and www.informationfreeway.org display the 
>> mapnik and tiles at home layers
>> The Mapnik layer is the one I was referring to earlier, which is the 
>> default layer in the www.openstretmap.org site
>> David
>>> On 18/11/2007 1:48 AM, David Groom wrote:
>>>> blank
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>>>> Subject: Re: [talk-au] rendering times for NSW maps
>>>>> Hi Paul,
>>>>> The weekly dump of the planet.osm file happens Thrusday morning our 
>>>>> time, finishing mid to late morning. That data is then loaded into a 
>>>>> PostGIS database (more hours) from which the Mapnik renderings
>>>>> Tiles are only marked to be re-rendered when people actually look at 
>>>>> them so when you first go to an area, you don't see any change.
>>>> Also if your browser has cached the original images, then simply 
>>>> "looking" at them again may not actual cause a re-render as the 
>>>> server doesn't know anyone is "looking" at the tile .
>>>> David
>>>>> Some time later, depending on how many other tiles around the world 
>>>>> are being view at the same time, your rendering will be done and 
>>>>> when you go back, there are your changes.
>>>>> For various technical reasons (disk space etc.), this process breaks 
>>>>> and is re-run, so it can be well into the weekend or early next week 
>>>>> before you see the changes from mapnik.
>>>>> Check out te osmarender layers though. Osmarender is now running on 
>>>>> a new server and it is turbo-charged. Changed tiles are marked 
>>>>> automatically and can be re-rendered within the hour. Some times it 
>>>>> takes longer though, or you can request a manual re-render which 
>>>>> happens real fast.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Brent.
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>>>>> On 17/11/2007 at 8:42 AM Paul  wrote:
>>>>>> This is probably a regular question but I thought changed titles
>>>>>> rendered once a
>>>>>> week on Wed. I put some new roads around Bathurst on Tuesday but most
>>>>>> haven't showed and
>>>>>> some only show at different zoom levels.
>>>>>> What the latest take on this?
>>>>>> Paul
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