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Hi Liz,

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On 21/11/2007 at 7:57 PM Liz  wrote:

>On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, Brent Easton wrote:
>> Hmm,
>> That's a good question. It should have been included. I tried to include
>> all records with a designation of
>> so the LOCALITY record for Tura Beach should have gone in. I have a
>> complete list of the 5724 places I added and Tura Beach ain't on it!
>> I used Excel and did a lot of manual cutting and pasting, and removing
>> duplicates. Looks like a few places might have slipped through the cracks
>> with an overzealous cut.
>> Regards,
>> Brent.
>Ok, that explains why Leeton, a decent town of about 8000, slipped through
>a hamlet.
>Some places recognised by the geographical names board in NSW are just not
>use and for some the designations are odd (like Leeton)

A lot of the names in the rural areas seemed to be very out of date and still used the designation when they where added to the database (i.e. Leeton was a Hamlet once upon a time!)

>Are there Australian guidelines on city/town/village or are we using local 
>knowledge and preference?

Not really. I agee, I think we should come up with some and publish them on the Oz tagging page.  To a certain degree, I have been basing it more on the services offered than the actual size of the town. The population suggestions on the Map Features page are not suitable for Australia. My personal rough guide is

City - Capital cities and large regional cities - Wagga, Lismore, Nowra, Bathurst etc.
Town - Good sized large towns with plenty of shops and services. 
Village - Small towns and villages with a few shops, but limited services, maybe a bank and a supermarket.
Hamlet - Very limited to no services. No bank. Maybe a Petrol station and a few shops.

I am open to suggestions.

>Actually this is a great help when sorting through large uncharted areas.
>now got gpx tracks for the Sturt Highway west from Darlington Point and
>get a lot more recorded this weekend.
>Those place names help position the track against my personal knowledge of
>road. When I've got a defined central point in a village or town like a
>office or the local pub I move the marker there.

Yes, That's the way to go. I find you can usually line them in the right place on the yahoo imagery, even if it is not good ebnough to map the streets.


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