[talk-au] Sourcing street names form existing maps

Jim Croft jim.croft at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 08:20:01 GMT 2007

> > So checking multiple sources (two different street
> > directories) might change the equation somewhat

This is interesting - if you have open in front of you two street
directories, and on the screen Google Maps or similar, and they all offer
the same name for the same street, you have just used multiple sources to
find and confirm a fact.

It could be argued that this is independent  research, the confirmed fact (
i.e the name of a street or feature) is yours and you can put it where you

jim (who lives in a street in a city, but can not tell what they are for
fear of prosecution because he found the info in a street directory)

Jim Croft
jim.croft at gmail.com
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