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Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Tue Nov 27 12:38:30 GMT 2007

Hi Paul,

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>On 27/11/2007 at 11:17 PM Paul Templeton wrote:
>Hi All,
>I've been following the posts lately and would like to throw in a
>suggestion or two. When there is an agreement on how something should be
>done on the OSM, maybe we should add an entry into the WiKi so the topic
>doesn't come up again or if a new user asks they can be pointed straight
>to the WiKi entry.
>I.e. what size population constitutes a town, hamlet etc or what
>information should be tagged.

Yes, absolutely agree. I think we just need to extend the current 'Oz road tagging guidelines ' page to be a general 'Oz tagging guidelines' page. 

>Maybe another page for users to add their name, location and link to their
>WiKi entry??? I'm interested to find out how many people are mapping in Oz.

Probably just need a link to the 'Users in Austalia' category, plus a description of how to add your user page into the category.


(I've been on a Coastline and lowzoom binge the last few days, starting to look good. SA wins the prize for the first state to have a complete border, complete coast and be rendered completely using the new lowzoom!)
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