[talk-au] Hi from Adelaide

Neil Penman ianaf4you at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 00:00:53 GMT 2007

Cameron wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm Cameron - from Adelaide. Is anyone else mapping
Adelaide on the 
> mailing list? I think there's only one other person
anyway heh.
> I joined the OSM community when I found that the
price of a garmin GPS 
> map is almost the same as the GPS unit itself! I've
been mapping 
> Adelaide, primarily from yahoo imagery and local
knowledge of street 
> names. Currently I have most main roads near the
city complete and am 
> working on residential streets around where I live
and regularly travel.
> I have little interest in country areas as there is
a free-as-in-beer 
> map for Garmin GPS units that's created from
1:250,000 data which is 
> fine for basic navigation in most rural areas,
however isn't very 
> useful in the city. I am however thinking of mapping
some of the 
> walking trails around the Adelaide hills.
> ~Cameron
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Hi Cameron,

I am mapping in Victoria, closest I have got to South
Australia so far 
is Lorne.  I am concentrating on mapping the alleys in
the CBD at the 

Have you managed to use any of your OSM maps for
routing on your garmin yet?



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