[talk-au] Australian WiKi entries

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Wed Nov 28 05:48:13 GMT 2007

Kim Hawtin wrote:

> Paul Templeton wrote:
> > I've been following the posts lately and would like to throw in a suggestion
> > or two. When there is an agreement on how something should be done on the
> > OSM, maybe we should add an entry into the WiKi so the topic doesn't come up
> > again or if a new user asks they can be pointed straight to the WiKi entry.
> > 
> > I.e. what size population constitutes a town, hamlet etc or what information
> > should be tagged.
> How does one tag a town, a city and other sized population centers?

A node with place=town/city/village and name= tags.  (You can create
nodes on their own in potlatch by double-clicking on a point.)

I've been using place=town for all things town-like regardless of size,
and fairly generous for place=city - e.g. Geraldton with population
30,000.  From memory, only capital cities actually fit the OSM definition of
a city.

I've also been meaning to propose using place=roadhouse for tagging
roadhouses too.


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