[talk-au] Hi from Adelaide

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Nov 29 01:27:24 GMT 2007

Cameron wrote:
> Neil Penman wrote:
>> Cameron wrote:
>>> I joined the OSM community when I found that the
>> price of a garmin GPS
>>> map is almost the same as the GPS unit itself!
>> Have you managed to use any of your OSM maps for
>> routing on your garmin yet?

> Neil,
> No I haven't, the only tool I've seen to do it is cgpsmapper which is not
> open source, and you need a paid version of it to create routable maps.

what do you mean by "routable maps"?

> Kim Hawtin wrote:
>> Cameron wrote:
>>> I'm Cameron - from Adelaide. Is anyone else mapping Adelaide on the
>> mailing
>>> list? I think there's only one other person anyway heh.
>> I've done some edits around Adelaide, the freeway, Woodside and Mount
>> Barker.
> Cool! The freeway is important. I've upgraded it to dual carriageway up to
> the Crafers exit so far :) I've noticed those islands of mapping at Woodside
> and Mt Barker too :)
>> I am however thinking of mapping some of the walking trails around the
>>> Adelaide hills.
>> I have a bunch of trails around Adelaide and the hill, from my usb-gps
>> thingy with gpsdrive but haven't managed to get a sane conversion to
>> .gpx format with gpsbabel yet... Any ideas?
> Not really, what format are the tracks in currently? Perhaps you could try
> asking on the main osm mailing list.

They are in gpsdrive tracks. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to
make gpsbabel convert them to gpx format. However the gpx track uploader
fails to import them =/

I might just have to get the gpx spec and code something up =)


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