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Thu Nov 29 01:43:46 GMT 2007

On 29/11/2007, Kim Hawtin <kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au> wrote:
> Cameron wrote:
> > Neil Penman wrote:
> >> Cameron wrote:
> >>> I joined the OSM community when I found that the
> >> price of a garmin GPS
> >>> map is almost the same as the GPS unit itself!
> >> Have you managed to use any of your OSM maps for
> >> routing on your garmin yet?
> > No I haven't, the only tool I've seen to do it is cgpsmapper which is
> not
> > open source, and you need a paid version of it to create routable maps.
> what do you mean by "routable maps"?

With some more advanced Garmin GPS units, rather than just saying "you are
here" on the map, you can select a place to go to and it will calculate the
best route and you can configure it for cars, trucks, buses, pedestrians,
cyclists, etc. Most free programs which create .img files (the proprietary
garmin format) don't create routable maps. For routable maps there's also a
whole bunch of other data that's needed, like if the road is one way or not,
if cars/bikes/horses/pedestrians are permitted and I think speed limits can
help with calculating the fastest route.

Seeing that you have GPSdrive, I guess that means you have some sort of GPS
- pc interface cable. I believe there are currently a number of other people
trying to do routable maps for PC with OSM data, but I haven't been
following it that closely.

> Kim Hawtin wrote:
> >> Cameron wrote:
> >>> I'm Cameron - from Adelaide. Is anyone else mapping Adelaide on the
> >> mailing
> >>> list? I think there's only one other person anyway heh.
> >> I've done some edits around Adelaide, the freeway, Woodside and Mount
> >> Barker.
> >
> >
> > Cool! The freeway is important. I've upgraded it to dual carriageway up
> to
> > the Crafers exit so far :) I've noticed those islands of mapping at
> Woodside
> > and Mt Barker too :)
> >
> >> I am however thinking of mapping some of the walking trails around the
> >>> Adelaide hills.
> >> I have a bunch of trails around Adelaide and the hill, from my usb-gps
> >> thingy with gpsdrive but haven't managed to get a sane conversion to
> >> .gpx format with gpsbabel yet... Any ideas?
> >
> > Not really, what format are the tracks in currently? Perhaps you could
> try
> > asking on the main osm mailing list.
> They are in gpsdrive tracks. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to
> make gpsbabel convert them to gpx format. However the gpx track uploader
> fails to import them =/

Try http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Making_Tracks_with_Homebrew-ware#Gpsdrive
- there's a guy who's written a perl script to convert GPSdrive tracks. I'm
guessing by the fact you have a Linux converence in your signature you know
what perl is :) It also talks about

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