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Hi Jack!

The Lefevre peninsula wasn't me, that was someone else, and was there before
I even started with OSM I think. My current work has been in the eastern
suburbs and a little bit to the north. Woodside, Mt Barker and out that way
has been Kim.

To get the maps onto a GPS, I've downloaded the .img files already processed
by a friendly person called stevez -
http://users.tpg.com.au/users/stevez/OSM/ Then used an application called M3
to import it into Mapsource and then transferred it to the GPS.

To use M3 you have to rename the files you download from Stevez' site
(details -
http://www.gpsaustralia.net/forums/showthread.php?t=3086#post19745 ) then
you have to download M3. Unfortunately this requires you to register for an
account on the maker's forums before you're able to download it - it's free
and requires only a couple of minutes and a valid email address, but it's a
bit of a pain. The forum thread is here -
If anyone can recommend a similar, easy to use, free product, I'd be happy
to try it out.

If you don't want to view it in Mapsource, you can just use Sendmap which is
a whole lot easier.


On 29/11/2007, Jack Burton <jack at saosce.com.au> wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-11-28 at 01:13 +1030, Cameron wrote:
> > I'm Cameron - from Adelaide. Is anyone else mapping Adelaide on the
> > mailing list? I think there's only one other person anyway heh.
> Hi Cameron. I've been mapping a bit of Adelaide too (principally the
> inner Western suburbs) although haven't done much in the last couple of
> weeks.
> Well done on your coverage of the Le Fevre peninsula - it looks quite
> comprehensive.
> I think there's at least a third person mapping Adelaide, but on the
> other side of town (Mt Barker, etc.) - or was that you as well?
> > I joined the OSM community when I found that the price of a garmin GPS
> > map is almost the same as the GPS unit itself! I've been mapping
> > Adelaide, primarily from yahoo imagery and local knowledge of street
> > names. Currently I have most main roads near the city complete and am
> > working on residential streets around where I live and regularly
> > travel.
> I also have a Garmin (SP c330), picked up on a recent trip to the US,
> and was horrified on my return to discover that they want _more_ for the
> Aus map than the unit itself (including North American map) cost in the
> first place. But my main reason for participating in OSM is not the cost
> of Garmin's maps (it's not really that much) but their license terms --
> I don't see the point of having a digital map for navigation purposes,
> if I can't update it whenever the govt decides to tear down a bridge,
> close a road or build a new one (all of which seem to be happening quite
> a lot in Adelaide at the moment).
> I'd be interested in knowing what process you use for getting OSM data
> into your Garmin -- I've tried a few different approaches, most of which
> work to some extent, but none of which are wholly satisfactory.
> Regards,
> Jack.
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