[talk-au] How are we going to do trams?

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Mon Sep 3 22:43:55 BST 2007

Hi Melbournians (and Adelaidians and Bendigonians!)
Trams are one of Melbourne's best assets, but not much is shown on the
map yet.
Are there any good examples of European cities with trams?

We have a few things to consider:
- Trams in the middle of normal, undivided roads (eg. Nicholson St. No.
- Trams on their own routes (eg. past the zoo..?)
- Trams with their own track in a median strip
- Route number labelling
- Stop labelling and numbering

How would all this show up on the slippy map?
Reckon we'd get any help from Yarra Trams if we asked?  Would we want


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