[talk-au] Geoscience Australia Administrative Boundary data

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Tue Sep 18 13:25:57 BST 2007

Brent Easton wrote:

> I have downloaded and had a look at the free National Public and Aboriginal Lands data available from Geoscience Australia and am interested whether we want/can use it. It covers state/territory boundaries, National Parks, Nature Reserves, State Forests, Defence land etc > 40 hectares.
> Is this something we can/want to use?

If it's legally usable, I think that'd be great.  However, last I
looked, all of the GA data was quite restrictively licensed ... the one
you link to looks okay but I am no lawyer.  Perhaps we could ask GA if
they mind if we incorporate it into openstreetmap?

I've already added the state boundaries for WA, NT, SA and parts of the
Qld/NSW/Vic borders to OSM, based on the textual description on the GA
web site.  The first three are just lines of constant latitude/longitude,
so are easy :-)  The others are along rivers.  The ACT border is a bit
trickier.  I'd like to see National Park boundaries in OSM too ...


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