[talk-au] State Routes alive and well in Sydney

Ian Sergeant isergean at hih.com.au
Tue Sep 18 23:50:05 BST 2007

b.easton at uws.edu.au wrote:

> My drive along Metroad 6 last weekend has convinced me that State
> routes are alive and well in Sydney.

Some are alive, some are dead, and some are preserved on an odd sign here
and there.

> It looks like the State routes that used to run along the Metroads
> have all been removed and replace by the Metroads, but all of the
> other ones seem to be still there and full signed (Parramatta =
> State 44, Hume Highway = State 31, Canterbury road = State 54 etc.)

S44, S31, S40 are still around and well signposted.  I labelled S40 the
other day up Victoria Road, and S44 along Parammatta Road.

I haven't driven S54, but I know it is signposted off Metroad 3, and
Metroad 6 as S54.


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