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Michael Lenser mlenser at spamcop.net
Wed Sep 19 10:13:39 BST 2007

Hello Andy (blackadder),
  When I first started adding to the existing M1 at Berwick I used the  
Potlatch online editor and several things went wrong. As I created  
sections I somehow created a lot of duplicates. Also Sometimes  
sections I had just created showed green points (large dots) along  
some of the ways which annoyed me so I deleted them. Later when  
logging back in these sections were missing.

  Even later with JOSM I seem to have created duplicate segments,  
unordered segments, duplicate nodes and the direction arrows were  
mostly in the wrong direction and not consistent. I had created ways  
that were extremely long making error correction even more difficult.  
I eventually installed the Validator plugin but even that didn't make  
it easy to fix my errors.

Finally I started deleting the whole 100 km section I had created,  
downloading the OSM data for ~10 km length's then validating that and  
uploading the corrected data. Closing JOSM, restarting JOSM and  
downloading the OSM data as a check which was now (finally) without  
errors. Then I would make ways, reorder them and combine some of them,  
reorder, validate and when all was good, upload. Move on to the next  
section and repeat.

All seems ok now. I think some of my problems were caused by Server  
problems I was getting alot of "Error while parsing: An Error  
Occurred: 417 Expectation Failed" part way during uploads. I would  
push upload again, and again, and again and it might be possible thats  
how I created so much duplication?

Regarding tagging,
I tagged the M1 as follows:

   name=Princes Hwy

At some later stage as I add some of the towns along the way I'll have  
to adjust the sections maxspeed.
What designation should I give the M1 highway as it passes through  
towns? Is it
highway=highway, trunk, motorway or primary?

Best Regards

Quoting abuse at openstreetmap.org:

> Hi mlenser,
> blackadder has sent you a message through OpenStreetMap with the   
> subject "Mistakes":
> ==
> What sort of mistakes were you making? Can we help with anything?
> Cheers
> Andy (blackadder)
> ==

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