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How do people feel about roundabout tagging?

I would like the Oz recommendation to be:

Use highway=mini_roundabout for all roundabouts except the largest variety involving dual carriage ways and/or having a sizeable (?) piece of land in the middle. 

As opposed to the current guidelines of:

Use junction=roundabout for anything larger than a circle of white paint on the ground.

I find that creating junction=roundabout for most roundabouts to be difficult, time-consuming and pretty much completely pointless. The mini-roundabouts are rendered nicely. I think the junction=roundabout is really intended for those huge UK style roundabouts that are 100 metres accross.

Personally, I now do all roundabouts as mini-roundabouts unless I really have to, and actively remove the full-size roundabouts on my old mapping as I review it. Obviously, anyone is free to handle this as they please, but I think a note in the Australian guidelines for newbies saying that mini-roundabouts are OK would be good.


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On 20/09/2007 at 9:31 AM Lachlan Rogers  wrote:

>One thing that I thought of was trams (like in Melbourne).  There was
>some email discussion on this list a little while ago, and it would be
>good to publish a standard scheme for Australian trams.
>- Lachlan
>On 9/19/07, Brent Easton <b.easton at exemail.com.au> wrote:
>> Let's keep it all in the one place at the moment, unless it gets out of
>> What other stuff would we like to standardize on?
>> Brent.
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