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Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Thu Sep 20 04:42:24 BST 2007

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On 20/09/2007 at 1:14 PM Ian Sergeant  wrote:

>b.easton at uws.edu.au wrote:
>> I don't believe they give us anything at all, apart from a slightly
>> different display on the current renderers. There is no reason why a
>> future renderer won't display them exactly the same, as
>> functionally, I see no difference. End-use software like navigators
>> will (should!) treat a single node roundabout identically to a small
>> wayed roundabout.
>That Australian mini_roundabouts look different to UK mini_roundabouts
>belongs on the Australian specific page, I think.
>Whether junction=roundabout is a useful tag at all, and whether it adds
>anything to OSM mapping, is not really an Australian specific issue.  I
>think it would be out of place on an Australian specific tags page,
>regardless of the validity of the argument.


I think you have missed my point. 

I am not trying to argue that junction=roundabout has no point - it does, for complex and large roundabouts.

My argument is merely that the guideline for the usage of mini-roundabout for tagging of Australian roads should be expanded to include a larger class of roundabouts than the current guidelines indicate. 

I believe you have already indicated a more useful measure:

'a mini-roundabout is within the normal width of the road'

This would be a tagging guideline only and individual mappers are, as always, free to continue creating wayed roundabouts for small suburban roundabouts if they feel it is required.

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