[talk-au] Duplicating / Creating Roundabouts?

Michael Lenser mlenser at spamcop.net
Fri Sep 21 15:46:26 BST 2007

    Recently I came across  a "Duplicate Way" Plugin for JOSM by Brent  
Easton while searching the net for help on the JOSM Duplicate way tool  
on the menu and I find his plugin very useful. The reason I was  
looking for information on the "Duplicate Way" tool was I wanted an  
easier method to create several roundabouts in an area of consistent  
size. I cannot find any easy option myself and I find making good  
consistent roundabouts difficult so when I make a good one I would  
love to be able to copy it.

  Would it be possible for someone to make a modified "Duplicate Way  
Plugin" that allow the user to copy a completed roundabout just  
stripping the tagging (or some of the tagging) and placing at the  
pointer location selected.

   Even more useful (at least for me) would be a roundabout plugin  
based similarly to the "Align Nodes in a circle" tool. I envisage the  
tool would (when activated) ask the amount of nodes and diameter of  
the roundabout in meters and place it at the mouse pointer.

Is there any advice on min/max nodes to use to make roundabouts that  
render well?

I have only been using JOSM for a week or two now so if my request is  
out of line please do not take offense - or if its already possible to  
do using some existing method please tell me or point me in the right  

I never did find out how the JOSM "Duplicate Way" tool worked or what it does.

Best Regards

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