[talk-au] Duplicating / Creating Roundabouts?

Andrew Loughhead andrew at incanberra.com.au
Sat Sep 22 07:57:03 BST 2007

hi Michael,

I was thinking myself this afternoon that it would be great to have a 
roundabouts plugin, or at least some explicit support for creating good 
roundabouts.  I didn't contribute to the recent discussion on 
roundabouts versus mini roundabouts, but the I do find roundabouts 
fiddly, both in geometry and tagging.  My own level of effort on 
roundabouts started out a bit excessive, and I would even create small 
separate ways to show the small triangular one way sections on the 
joining roads common on many roundabouts.  Nowadays I would only do 
these on the most significant roundabouts, and I will probably go back 
and undo them from some of my earlier efforts.

Anyway, I would like to be able, say, to click a centre point, a radius 
point, and have an appropriate circle created, intersected with any 
present ways, and any internal leftovers removed.  If I add additional 
ways which come near the roundabout way, I'd like it to be automatically 
intersected (Potlatch pretty much does this already). 

I also like your idea of copying, in some way, a roundabout, because I 
see lots of cases where a few roundabouts in near proximity have exactly 
the same size. 

Currently roundabouts need to be drawn with quite a few points if they 
are to be at all "round".  The Map Features guidelines suggest drawing 
medium sized roundabouts with four points, as a diamond, which I often 
do, but what is rendered from this is a diamond, in both osmarender and 
mapnik.  I haven't tried mini-roundabouts yet, but at least they 
apparently render as a round shape!  Perhaps the rendering will improve 
in the future.

My contributions to OSM are strictly mapping though, so I will just be 
quietly waiting to see if roundabouts become an itch for a developer. 


Michael Lenser wrote:
>     Recently I came across  a "Duplicate Way" Plugin for JOSM by Brent  
> Easton while searching the net for help on the JOSM Duplicate way tool  
> on the menu and I find his plugin very useful. The reason I was  
> looking for information on the "Duplicate Way" tool was I wanted an  
> easier method to create several roundabouts in an area of consistent  
> size. I cannot find any easy option myself and I find making good  
> consistent roundabouts difficult so when I make a good one I would  
> love to be able to copy it.
>   Would it be possible for someone to make a modified "Duplicate Way  
> Plugin" that allow the user to copy a completed roundabout just  
> stripping the tagging (or some of the tagging) and placing at the  
> pointer location selected.
>    Even more useful (at least for me) would be a roundabout plugin  
> based similarly to the "Align Nodes in a circle" tool. I envisage the  
> tool would (when activated) ask the amount of nodes and diameter of  
> the roundabout in meters and place it at the mouse pointer.
> Is there any advice on min/max nodes to use to make roundabouts that  
> render well?
> I have only been using JOSM for a week or two now so if my request is  
> out of line please do not take offense - or if its already possible to  
> do using some existing method please tell me or point me in the right  
> direction.
> P.S
> I never did find out how the JOSM "Duplicate Way" tool worked or what it does.
> Best Regards
> Mike
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