[talk-au] [OSM-talk] city accuracy

Ian Sergeant isergean at hih.com.au
Mon Sep 24 00:08:16 BST 2007

"Franc Carter" <franc.carter at gmail.com> wrote on 22/09/2007 11:54:32 AM:

> Looks like my gps (tomtom-910) wants to hide info from me ;-(

> A 3 minute trace log standing still in the domain produced exactly
> the same lat/lon for every point.

> Next thing I might try is to drive around as many of the roads on
> the border of
> the CBD as feasible to get some boundaries.

Is the tomtom locking to the road/path?  Are you using the standard tomtom

Is it a PDA that will run something that will let you gather the NMEA data,
to get the accuracy and the location data?

I gathered a 5 minute sample at 5m accuracy for the Maquarie Obelisk in
Macquarie Place last week.  I figured it would be a good point to start
with, since I can put it into OSM as a survey mark.  However, I just
checked the Yahoo Imagery, and you can't see the obelisk, as it is
obscured.  I'll upload it into OSM, but its otherwise useless I think.

There is  still a possibility that the yahoo image is actually a little
distorted, and can't be normalised just with a nudge.

I think the waterline along west Circular Quay could be my next target.  I
can accurately map the waterline, and it should align well with the Yahoo
imagery in that part of the city.


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