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Hi Paul,

I have had a look at the data for that area and it looks like Mike Collinson started to import the PGS coastline data but never finished the job.

This unwayed data is an approximation of the coastline sourced from a public domain 'coastline of the world site. It is not bad at the macro level when zoomed out, but when you zoom in close, it is pretty crappy with arbitrary wiggles that do not match the real coastline at all. This is actually the coastline that Mapnik displays at www.openstreetmap.org.

For just chucking in a rough coastline that will show up nicely on the lowzooms in Osmarender, it's not bad, but for close work near towns you will probably need to redo it manually which can be a pain.

Two choices - Either delete the lot, or way the lot. Personally, given the amount of coast we need to do between 10 of us, I would just go ahead and make the lot into ways and upload it. If anyone wants to do parts of more accurately later, then they just can delete parts and redo it, but chances are that most of it will never be looked at closely again.

Having wider rivers as coastline is not a problem, in fact I prefer it, but I find the PGS coastline looks particularly bad on rivers. Again, I would just upload what is there and someone who cares can adjust later.


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On 27/09/2007 at 1:56 PM Paul Templeton wrote:
Hi All,

I have been looking at the area around Kempsey and it is full of un-wayed segments. There is a little on the Pacific Highway that can be deleted but the bulk is coast line and rivers. What I've seen isn't the best - I'm not too sure what to do with coast line (the river is tag coastline as well) - any suggestions? Should I change them to ways or delete them for another time when I or someone else has time??? 

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