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Hi Paul,

Just looking closer, I notice the river is not actually finished. It's not really wide enough to warrant using coastline, I would actually delete the unwayed segments along the river and replace them with a single waterway=river way. The coastline data looks ok and will connect nicely with the section around Port Macquarie. There is an estuary section just north of Port Macquarie I will take care of.


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On 27/09/2007 at 1:56 PM Paul Templeton wrote:
Hi All,

I have been looking at the area around Kempsey and it is full of un-wayed segments. There is a little on the Pacific Highway that can be deleted but the bulk is coast line and rivers. What I've seen isn't the best - I'm not too sure what to do with coast line (the river is tag coastline as well) - any suggestions? Should I change them to ways or delete them for another time when I or someone else has time??? 

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