[talk-au] Un-wayed Segments

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Thu Sep 27 10:30:29 BST 2007

Having spent a few hours yesterday doing exactly the same job round Taree, I'd recommend I'd change them to ways rather than delete them.

If you cant get round to actually making the proper coastline / riverbank ways, I'd recommend you at least make the segments into some form of way and tag it as "note= FIXME unwayed segments", (or similar).  That will at least stop the change from API 4 to 5 causing every single segment to become an individual way, which I can see as being a real pain.


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  Hi All,

  I have been looking at the area around Kempsey and it is full of un-wayed segments. There is a little on the Pacific Highway that can be deleted but the bulk is coast line and rivers. What I've seen isn't the best - I'm not too sure what to do with coast line (the river is tag coastline as well) - any suggestions? Should I change them to ways or delete them for another time when I or someone else has time??? 



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