[talk-au] Need some clarification please.

Michael Lenser mlenser at spamcop.net
Sat Sep 29 18:48:48 BST 2007

I'm having trouble finding any info on the following points if anyone  
could help it would be great.

1, How do I mark an intersection as either "No Right Turn" or "Left  
Turn Only" (same thing and I could use either but I can't find  
anything related)

2, When a street/court etc ends with a turn around area is there any  
way to tag the last node so that the road is rendered correctly?

3, When I have a dual carriageway with a road intersecting (say a T  
intersection) should I name the section of road interconnecting the  
dual carriageways? If so what happens when there is a road to the left  
and to the right (cross road) with different names in each direction?

4, Do I tag the interconnecting way between dual carriageways as the  
same as the road it leads to/from?
  i.e if the interconnecting road is highway=residential do I tag the  
stretch between the two carriageways as the same? A lot of dual  
carriageways are only residential and i don't see residential_link or  
any such tagging available?

Best Regards

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