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Hi Michael,

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On 30/09/2007 at 3:48 AM Michael Lenser  wrote:

>I'm having trouble finding any info on the following points if anyone  
>could help it would be great.
>1, How do I mark an intersection as either "No Right Turn" or "Left  
>Turn Only" (same thing and I could use either but I can't find  
>anything related)

At the moment, you cannot do this. The upcoming API 0.5 includes some new features 'relations' that are supposed to help encode this sort of data. For now, just hold on to a list of these to go back to.

>2, When a street/court etc ends with a turn around area is there any  
>way to tag the last node so that the road is rendered correctly?

No, there is no tag to draw a nice cul-de-sac. Some people add a little loop to the end of the road to get a bump drawn. Personally, I just ignore them.

>3, When I have a dual carriageway with a road intersecting (say a T  
>intersection) should I name the section of road interconnecting the  
>dual carriageways? 

I generally do.

> If so what happens when there is a road to the left  
>and to the right (cross road) with different names in each direction?

Good question. Options are

1. leave it unnamed
2. Pick one and name it that
3. Make the cross piece an xxx_link (to match the divided road) and leave it unnamed. Maplint/validator does not complain about unnamed _link roads. 

>4, Do I tag the interconnecting way between dual carriageways as the  
>same as the road it leads to/from?

Generally yes.

>  i.e if the interconnecting road is highway=residential do I tag the  
>stretch between the two carriageways as the same? A lot of dual  
>carriageways are only residential and i don't see residential_link or  
>any such tagging available?

Also consider tagging larger through residential dual carriageways as highway=tertiary, abutters=redisential


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