[talk-au] Garmin OSM maps

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 11:30:50 BST 2008

Ok - the day has finally arrived - I now have a fully functinal car
navigation system with routable OSM maps on it.    It even has the
(essential ) TTS feature which works well with the OSM data.

Ok - the routable maps are very much beta (it doesn't recongise roundabouts
yet) and there are lots of issues with the OSM data itself, but even at this
embryonic stage it functions  well as a navigation device.

With the TTS feature I've been finding  (and then fixing) quite a few map
data errors just by driving around the place.   This is really fun.

My unit is a Garmin Nuvi 260. Its only problem is that they nobbled track
logging quite a few firmware levels ago. It also doesn't have the
"satellite" page althought the 260W does (it also has TTS). If you want to
buy one, Garmin has a $50 cashback offer till 7th Sept.

And no, I have no connection to Garmin. In fact I'm a confirmed Mio/Igo user
and as soon as I can find routable OSM Maps for igo (aka MioMap) I'll be
straight back to them  ( The interface and features are just so much better
(IMHO) than Garmin or anything else I've seen).

PS - now I've got to find why Nuvi/OSM decided that the best way from
Canberra to Brisbane is to go to Liverpool then divert north west through
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