[talk-au] Gosmore vs Radomir

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 13:42:31 BST 2008

I've now got Gosmore running well on a couple of Mios  (WM5 and WM6) and the
radomir routable osm maps running on Garmin (with TTS)

Gosmore enforces  strict node connection  for routing which is great for
data validation whereas the radomir ones allow routing to close unconnected
nodes and even along (the wrong way) very small segments of one way road.

Therefore to clean up the OSM data running Gosmore on your home computer is

However for mobile use the sutuation is difficult. The radomir maps for
Garmin would be great if they understood roundabouts (Canberra consists of 1
million roundabouts connected by the occasional road).    The gosmore
interface, at this time,  has less verbal instructions than the Garmin one
and results in having to look at the display too much, which is OK for
pedestrian use but is a problem for automotive use.

I expect that the situation will change month to month and that things are
only going to get much more exciting quite soon.

PS on the weekend the OSM data refused to allow me to drive up Glen Osmond
Road (up to the Adelaide Hills). Now back in Canberra, I've fixed the small
section that had a one way tag on it.
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