[talk-au] place=?

Ian Sergeant isergean at hih.com.au
Tue Dec 2 22:56:47 GMT 2008

Should we tag rural towns and localities as more significant centres, just
so  rural Australia doesn't appear empty on a rendered low zoom map?

+ No, a renderer should be able to manage the display - and can display
lower significance items when they aren't crowded by more significant ones.

Should we tag rural towns and localities as significant centres to
accurately reflect their role in the surrounding area, even when they have
a low population?

+ Yes, Some towns have very low population counts, but are very significant
administrative and service centres to the surrounding communities.  They
are a real towns, and not just localities.  We should reflect this reality
on the map with the place= tag.

Population data shouldn't be entered at all.. It just extra information to
get out of date, and it can be obtained elsewhere.  Lets focus on what OSM
does best, mapping to reflect the reality on the ground.


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