[talk-au] Mapnik rendering of AU cities

Roy Rankin rrankin at ihug.com.au
Thu Dec 4 10:52:21 GMT 2008

With the discussion of places, I noticed that on the slippy map with the 
mapnik renderer, only the names of Sydney and Canberra appear on the 
500km and 200km scales.

I have looked at the tags for the Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne nodes; 
and I do not understand why Melbourne is not shown as I do not see any 
substantial differences in the tags. Wiki says that population can be 
used for rendering at different zooms, but Melbourne has 10 times the 
population of Canberra. Ideally, I would like to see names of all the 
major (state capital) cities in the whole of Australia view.

As an aside, in the USA most of the major cities are not state capitals.

Does anyone understand why Melbourne is not shown on the whole of 
Australia view?

Roy Rankin

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