[talk-au] Traces of Naracoorte, SA

Matt White mattwhite at iinet.net.au
Sat Dec 6 00:34:46 GMT 2008

Does anyone have any traces of Naracoorte is SA lurking around that 
haven't been uploaded?

One of my clients regularly buy maps of Naracoorte (and other towns in 
the area) from a commercial map supplier for publication in the local 
newspapers, and it costs them ~$400 a time. I spent a while giving them 
the bible according to OSM, without knowing how well Naracoorte had been 
mapped. Sadly, it hasn't even been started.

In my real job, I have a number of clients around australia who regualry 
publish maps in the local newspapers and the like, and all of them pay 
similar amounts each time for commercial maps. Most of these clients 
require rural town maps, and I reckon I could easily convice the 
majority to use OSM maps if the data was there (which I reckon would be 
a bit of a coup - having OSM visible in a lot of these papers just gets 
the word out on the street, so to speak).

I wanted to use Naracoorte as an example, as this client would publish 
the maps immediately, and would provide a nice demonstration for the 
rest of my clients.

So, if you've got either Naracoorte traces, or local Naracoorte 
knowledge in terms of streetnames etc, I'd really appreciate some help :-)


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