[talk-au] Routable OSM Garmin maps

Matt White mattwhite at iinet.net.au
Tue Dec 9 11:43:22 GMT 2008

Nick Hocking wrote:
> Hi Matt, thanks for doing these.
> I've just copied the NSW img file onto a Garmin Nuvi 260. (as 
> gmapsupp.img)
> The map displays perfectly and I can search successfully for POIs. The 
> OSM copyright comes up nicely too.
> However I can't search for addresses since it doesn't recognise NSW or 
> new south wales as a state.
> Also it wont use the streets on the map for routing between any two 
> points. I tried to load it into mapsource but mapsource
> said it was not a valid format.
I may have cocked something (typically). I'll have a further play around 
and see what I can work out. I might have screwed around with the map 
features a bit, so maybe that's giving some grief


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