[talk-au] What gives with roundabouts?

Darrin Smith beldin at beldin.org
Wed Dec 10 05:36:58 GMT 2008

I can see why people want to be lazy and use mini_roundabout for cases
where they can't be bothered putting in a smallish roundabout, but why
have I found 2 cases of 2 different mappers (both significant
contributors) REMOVING an existing roundabout in preference of a mini
roundabout? If the first mapper was prepared to go to the effort of
drawing the roundabout why remove it? (Amusingly one of these mappers
is one who in other circumstances gratuitously converts any one-way
cul-de-sac into a roundabout despite the non-existance of roundabout
rules at these locations)

Darrin Smith
beldin at beldin.org

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