[talk-au] What gives with roundabouts?

Ian Sergeant isergean at hih.com.au
Wed Dec 10 22:22:11 GMT 2008

Darrin Smith <beldin at beldin.org> wrote:

I know of at least 5 roundabouts in Adelaide alone
> that DO qualify for the global OSM definition of a mini-roundabout so I
> don't see why we should be copping out and changing a definition here
> just out of sheer lazyness.

Its not laziness.  It is the best attempt to represent what is on the
ground.  If the road isn't distorted to go around the roundabout on the
ground, why should we map it that way?  If all there is on the ground is a
concrete within the width of the road, a mini-roundabout offers the best
way OSM has to represent that.

And (gets on soapbox) there is no global OSM definition for anything.  Map
features only offers a set of recommendations voted on by 6 1/2 people if
we are lucky, all of whom have probably never seen an Australian
mini-roundabout.  How things are mapped is reflected by how mappers map


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