[talk-au] Routable OSM Garmin maps

Matt White mattwhite at iinet.com.au
Sat Dec 13 04:06:43 GMT 2008

I reloaded the set from yesterday on the GPS, and it appears I can route 
OK, once you sort of add all the way points. The routing does some wierd 
things like take be down back lanes and right of ways, but it seemed to 
work OK.

And I can see the map properly this time, which is a substantial 
improvement. I'm going to have to read the destructions for the unit to 
work out how to search for streets and other general navigation type stuff


Nick Hocking wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> Bad news - still unroutable.
> It knows where the streets are but just can't use them. Still can't 
> enter a state name but can still search for nearest POIs
> Nick

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