[talk-au] What gives with roundabouts?

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We should not map for a renderer or for a particular use case. If scripts
which convert osm data to the garmin data format lose the roundabout
information, then the script should be edited to add a roundabout when it
encounters the mini_roundabout tag.


2008/12/13 Sean <4ey0llz02 at sneakemail.com>

> I've read through all the post on this discussion so far and I totally
> agree with Darrin.  I also think all roundabouts including ones paint on
> the road should be drawn as a loop way.  I see the discussion has been
> about trying to define what a roundabout is.  But no one has thought
> about the end products that this data can be used for.  There are many
> programs and devices out on the market that when the OSM data is
> converted into a format that that the program or device can use, that
> the mini_roundabout tag is lost while being converted.  It basically
> turns that intersection into a four way intersection and you have no
> idea that there is a roundabout at that intersection.  A really good
> example is all Garmin mapping GPS.  All roundabouts HAVE TO be drawn as
> a loop way to show up on the Garmin GPS.  I can't be 100% sure but I
> would this would be true for most mapping GPS's.  So what I'm sayings is
> you are better to draw a loop way for ALL roundabouts so that if the tag
> is lost while being converted to another format or load into another
> program, any Tom, Dick or Harry can still tell there is still a
> roundabout at that intersection.
> Sean
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