[talk-au] Major road cleanup

Stephen Hope slhope at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 11:59:32 GMT 2008

I'm a little confused.  Everywhere I've seen a park on the side of the
road like that, it has used the same nodes, but not the same way.
Splitting the way should not effect the park at all, except if you add
nodes, in which case you'll need to add them to the park way as well.
Or am I thinking of something different?


2008/12/20 Nick Hocking <nick.hocking at gmail.com>:
> Talking of bridges, I'm trying to add a bridge, over a strom water drain to
> a road in Canberra.
> However it is just about impossible since on each side of this road is a
> park and the parks are using
> parts of the road as part of their own perimeter.
> If I split the road in order to add a bridge, I'll mess up both parks. I
> could unglue the parks, move them out of the way,
> build the bridge, move the parks back in and maybe get JOSM validator to
> glue them back in.  However I don't really want
> my name left on a construction like this.
> I could make the unglued parks a little smaller and then move them back and
> have them each have their own perimeter.
> Alternatively I could just delete both parks and them build them back
> afterwards to my liking, and risk being flamed by
> the original mappers.
> Or, I could turn the bridge 90 degrees and put it on the drain at level -1.
> I don't reall like this as it doesn't seem to
> reflect reality. Silimarly I don't really want to make the drain go through
> a tunnel.
> Or I could just leave it alone.
> Any suggestions??
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