[talk-au] Major road cleanup

Darrin Smith beldin at beldin.org
Sun Dec 21 13:04:27 GMT 2008

On Sun, 21 Dec 2008 23:24:47 +1100
"Nick Hocking" <nick.hocking at gmail.com> wrote:

> "Splitting the way should not effect the park at all"
> Stephen,
> Every time I try to select the way, to split it, one of the parks get
> selected instead.
> I don't seem to be able to get to the road to add tthe two bridge end
> nodes, unless I move the parks out of the way.
> This entails ungluing them and then it is about impossible to get
> them back again.
> The street is Masson Street, running off Northbourne Avenue in central
> Canberra. Feel free to have a go at it and
> tell me how it's done.  Also, (Don;t tell Liz or Darrin) but there's
> a mini roundabout there that I think should probably
> be a normal one, but I can't get at it either since it is also part
> of both the parks.

Safe from me in Canberra, I limit my Editing to S.A. ;)

Actually the the very problem you're facing here is the very reason why
I ended up opting for separate parallel ways when doing things like
parks, it just makes managing everything a lot easier despite the fact
it's more work to setup. Like I said before in these cases there
seems to be no real guidelines just preferences of people.

I find (at least in OSM) the trick to selecting a way like that is to
do a drag select across and area covering that particular way (and of
course you'll get a few points and maybe a few other ways also) and
then selecting the way you actually want to edit from the 'current
selection' window. 



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