[talk-au] Major road cleanup

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Wed Dec 31 09:28:07 GMT 2008

Liz <edodd at billiau.net> wrote:
> I've thought about this a bit more, and its not the best idea to be using 
> roads as park or other area perimeters.

I agree. But... (there's always a but...)

> It sure would make it fast to put this stuff in initially, but any subsequent 
> alterations - say changes in the road itself - mean big alterations to be 
> made by the next mapper.

What about areas that really are defined by the road? I came across a
validation error for a parking area recently where the parking area
shared a way with the road that was one boundary of the parking area.
It's at the centre of the map here:


I think in this specific example the parking area is small enough that
it should just be a single node, but I can see larger areas existing
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