[talk-au] mapping data on the NSW north coast, and a request for road designation clarification

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Fri Feb 1 09:04:49 GMT 2008

On Fri, 1 Feb 2008, Eric Rose wrote:
> > But there is room for discretion here since NSW does not have a very
> > developed numbering system. For example, I would probably mark the
> > Summerland way from Grafton to Casino as Primary.
Well, that's not what the guidelines say
so they obviously need more discussion

But I have actually seen on the very newest signs on State route 94, where the 
old signs have 94 in a blue shield, B94 in a rectangular box
This makes a total of 2 signs, and not where anyone is really going to notice
but there is evidence that we are getting A, B, C roads.

> I guess there's a case for that, but I'd reserve primary for marked
> highways like the Bruxner and Pacific, rather than Summerland Way and Orara
> Way. In the latter case, people travelling between Grafton and Coffs
> Harbour will take the Pacific Highway as their primary/preferred route
> unless they're sightseeing or have a more local interest, in which case
> Orara Way would be a secondary choice.

yes Pacific Highway will be trunk, but other Highways will be primary and a 
route like Summerland Way, on the 2004 Driver Reviver and Rest Area Map, has 
a blue shield, so its a secondary road.

What do all the mappers want to see with the NSW highway designations?

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