[talk-au] mapping data on the NSW north coast, and a request for road designation clarification

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Fri Feb 1 09:56:16 GMT 2008

Hi Guys,

>>For example, I would probably mark the Summerland way from Grafton to Casino as Primary.
>Well, that's not what the guidelines say so they obviously need more discussion

I believe the guidelines do say this:

  Primary = State maintained roads linking major population centers to each other and to the trunk network

Grafton and Casino are both major population centres. 

>yes Pacific Highway will be trunk, but other Highways will be primary and
>a route like Summerland Way, on the 2004 Driver Reviver and Rest Area Map,
>has a blue shield, so its a secondary road.

No, State Routes with a Blue shield should be marked Primary.


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