[talk-au] Blocked roads and tram route naming

Matt White mattwhite at iinet.com.au
Sat Feb 2 04:29:05 GMT 2008

How does one go about tagging blocked roads? I've got a heap in my local 
area, and the blocking varies from a 3 metre wide garden built across 
the road end, to a 'No Road' sign and a couple of those concrete gutter 
things that are used in car parks, to park fence like treated pine 
barriers (generally again with a no road sign).

The current highway=gate seems a little insufficient - these aren't 
really gates, as they are immovable barriers, usually put up to close 
off through traffic in residential steets.

Looking at other maps, Google seems to not have the barrier data at all, 
Melways uses the standard gate marker (which is a bit misleading).

In most cases, while cars cannot drive through these barriers, bikes and 
pedestrians can pass through. One cheat way is to make a tiny little 
footway that connects the blocked road to the other road. I've done that 
in a couple of spots, and for the larger, garden variety blocking 
section, I've often just ended the road a bit short (and keep having to 
reset it back to that as someone keeps seeing an "almost joined" road, 
and thoughtfully joining the way to the crossroad.

Secondly, how should the Tram routes be named. If the tram runs down the 
middle of Nicholson Street, then the way is tagged as highway=tertiary, 
name=Nicholson Street, railway=tram. But what's the go with marking that 
tram route as Route 96?

Any thoughts or suggestions on this little dilemma?



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