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Stephen Hope slhope at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 04:17:24 GMT 2008


The Wollongong Council has a road naming policy pdf available which
has as Appendix 1 a list of approved road suffixes and abbreviations
that it took from Australian Standards AS1742.5-1997 and AS4590-1999.
It is available here:

Adelaide City has a similar document:

I'm sure most councils would have a similar document available, though
maybe not online. They should be fairly similar, though some areas use
longer abbreviations (for example, Crescent can be Cr or Cres)

The ones you list above are most likely Cl - close, Cr-crescent, and
Me - Mew or Mews


On 03/02/2008, Andrew <andrew at dualarrow.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been looking for a list of street suffixes used within Australia
> (specifically Western Australia) to help decode street names.
> Many are obvious (eg rd, st) but some are not that obvious (cl cr me)
> and looking them up in a street directory would probably come under
> the violation of copyright.
> Are there any lists available for reference that would be safe for
> use with OSM ?
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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