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Hi Liz,

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On 5/02/2008 at 10:25 AM Liz  wrote:

>I'm never going to be a coastline expert living hundreds of km inland,
>but when looking at osm map in navit-cvs australia's coastline is mostly

That is because that version of the map is not using the user entered coastline data.

>Where I've looked at it in josm - the Coorong and near Adelaide - the 
>coastline is marked and is a completely untagged way.

On the contrary, that coastline is tagged as natural=coastline. I'm not sure what you are looking at, but the Australian coast is 99.99% complete and tagged as natural=coastline. Someone has 'improved' the coastline in Queensland and introduced some errors in the last few days, but these have been mostly cleanup up now.

>Is someone actively working on this?

Yes, several of us have spent a lot of time getting the coastline finished.

Have a look at


which is a daily process that checks the status of all coastline data in OSM.

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