[talk-au] Australian Roads Tagging

Russell Lang gsview at ghostgum.com.au
Sun Feb 10 23:59:49 GMT 2008

Questions from a newbie.

I've had a look at the Australian tagging information, and would like some
clarification on how you tag routes for pedestrians and bicycles.  As far
as I can work out, the following seem to be a sensible way to tag
footpaths and bicycle routes.  Please let me know of any corrections.  Is
the a maintainer of the Australian road tagging wiki page,  or do I just
add these in?


Australian footpath

Australian bicycle path (Bicycle Only sign)
  highway=cycleway, cycleway=track

Australian shared path (Bicycle and Pedestrian sign)
  highway=footway, cycleway=track, bicycle=yes
    OR (less likely)
  highway=cycleway, cycleway=track, foot=yes

Australian separated path (Bicycle and Pedestrian spearated by a line)
  Do you use two parallel paths?

Australian bicycle lane (Bicycle Lane sign)
  highway=<type of highway>, cycleway=lane

Pedestrian/bicycle cut-through at the end of a dead-end street
  Use footpath or shared path.

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