[talk-au] Tagging questions

Russell Lang gsview at ghostgum.com.au
Mon Feb 11 00:04:51 GMT 2008

If you have an answer to even one of these questions, then an answer would
be appreciated.  I don't expect all questions to be answered in a single

Should full street types be used (Street, Road) or the abbreviations (St,
Rd).  If the latter, then there needs to be a list of standard
abbreviations.  I've seen Grove on signs as both Gr and Gv.  The latter is
less likely to be confused with Cr for Crescent.  If long names are used,
it appears the names do not appear at smaller scales.

How do you tag an old name (e.g. Current name Glen Waverley South Primary,
old name still on some signs is Brentwood Primary)?

How do you tag an ambiguous name.  One end of way is marked Michael St,
the other says Michael Av.  What is the accepted way to obtain the correct
name, avoiding copyright maps?

How do you tag a Tollway as opposed to a Freeway?  The name can be tagged
differently, but can we change the colour so that it is clear on the
rendered map?

How do you print out a map showing the streets without a name tag?  At
useful resolutions you get most street names rendered, but some small
court names (the courts are small, the names are long) are not rendered
even though they have been tagged.

How do you edit a map to make sure that all names of similar level are
shown?  For example, when viewing Australia, Canberra and Sydney show up,
but none of the other capitals.

Can you keep a street which is shaped like a T as a single way?  Potlatch
won't join them. Driftwood Drive, Glen Waverley, VIC.

Is there a way to get a render with single lines for streets with the name
beside, similar to NatMap, VicMap or Melway?

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