[talk-au] Australian Roads Tagging

Ian Sergeant isergean at hih.com.au
Mon Feb 11 00:13:04 GMT 2008

>   http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Australian_Roads_Tagging
> Australian footpath
>   highway=footway

I add bicycle=no, if I know the footway is physically unsuitable for
bicycles, otherwise I assume it could be used as a shortcut.

> Australian bicycle path (Bicycle Only sign)
>   highway=cycleway, cycleway=track

I'm only aware of a few km of ths kind of bicycle only cycleway..  If it
really is peds are not allowed, I would say so, that is


> Australian shared path (Bicycle and Pedestrian sign)
>   highway=footway, cycleway=track, bicycle=yes
>     OR (less likely)
>   highway=cycleway, cycleway=track, foot=yes

All of the Australian cycleways I have seen, the Canberran ones, the Sydney
ones etc are
all marked


the rest is optional, usually


> Australian separated path (Bicycle and Pedestrian spearated by a line)
>   Do you use two parallel paths?

If they are really separate paths, then they should be separate ways.
However if they are just lots of white lines on the path, and it is really
a shared path way, then I would map it that way.

> Australian bicycle lane (Bicycle Lane sign)
>   highway=<type of highway>, cycleway=lane

Yes, although it it is just a cardoor style, completely useless cycle lane,
that you can't actually ride in, I would think twice before marking it on
the map.

> Pedestrian/bicycle cut-through at the end of a dead-end street
>   Use footpath or shared path.


highway=footway, bicycle=permissive - or bicycle=yes.

I would only use bicycle=no if there is a physical obstacle to the

Much of this stuff is not exclusive to Australia.  Feel free to have a look
at the cycleway tagging page on the wiki, and make changes to improve it
where you can.


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