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On Feb 11, 2008 11:04 AM, Russell Lang <gsview at ghostgum.com.au> wrote:

> If you have an answer to even one of these questions, then an answer would
> be appreciated.  I don't expect all questions to be answered in a single
> email.
> Should full street types be used (Street, Road) or the abbreviations (St,
> Rd).  If the latter, then there needs to be a list of standard
> abbreviations.  I've seen Grove on signs as both Gr and Gv.  The latter is
> less likely to be confused with Cr for Crescent.  If long names are used,
> it appears the names do not appear at smaller scales.

Long names only.

> How do you tag an old name (e.g. Current name Glen Waverley South Primary,
> old name still on some signs is Brentwood Primary)?
> How do you tag an ambiguous name.  One end of way is marked Michael St,
> the other says Michael Av.  What is the accepted way to obtain the correct
> name, avoiding copyright maps?

Looking at street signs. If street signs lie, well... at least our maps are
an accurate representation of facts on the ground.

> How do you tag a Tollway as opposed to a Freeway?  The name can be tagged
> differently, but can we change the colour so that it is clear on the
> rendered map?

key="toll" v="yes". I agree colouring them differently would be nice (or
even just haveing a differently shaded border).

> How do you print out a map showing the streets without a name tag?  At
> useful resolutions you get most street names rendered, but some small
> court names (the courts are small, the names are long) are not rendered
> even though they have been tagged.
> How do you edit a map to make sure that all names of similar level are
> shown?  For example, when viewing Australia, Canberra and Sydney show up,
> but none of the other capitals.
> Can you keep a street which is shaped like a T as a single way?  Potlatch
> won't join them. Driftwood Drive, Glen Waverley, VIC.

no,  you can't. what id do is make two perpendicular ways, unless the road
naturally curves in one direction, in which case make a way for that and
another way for the "other half" of the crossbar.

> Is there a way to get a render with single lines for streets with the name
> beside, similar to NatMap, VicMap or Melway?
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