[talk-au] Australian Roads Tagging

Russell Lang gsview at ghostgum.com.au
Mon Feb 11 00:33:08 GMT 2008


Thanks for the answers.

> Much of this stuff is not exclusive to Australia.  Feel free to have a look
> at the cycleway tagging page on the wiki, and make changes to improve it
> where you can.

Found that page again, now that I know what it is called.  Yes, some of
this is not exclusive to Australia, but I wanted an explicit table mapping
from the Australian street signs to the appropriate tagging.  I'll grab
some images of the street signs (shared path, bike only path, separated
path) and add them to the Australian Road Tagging wiki page.

>> Australian shared path (Bicycle and Pedestrian sign)
>>   highway=footway, cycleway=track, bicycle=yes
>>     OR (less likely)
>>   highway=cycleway, cycleway=track, foot=yes
> All of the Australian cycleways I have seen, the Canberran ones, the
> Sydney ones etc are all marked
> highway=cycleway
>    the rest is optional, usually
> foot=yes

Shared paths are primarily a footpath with cycling also allowed, but
bicycles must give way to pedestrians.  The common usage you described is
to map them the other way round, bicycles first, pedestrians second!

The cycleway tagging page
does say to use both highway=cycleway and cycleway=track

>> Australian separated path (Bicycle and Pedestrian spearated by a line)
>>   Do you use two parallel paths?
> If they are really separate paths, then they should be separate ways.
> However if they are just lots of white lines on the path, and it is really
> a shared path way, then I would map it that way.

>From a mapping perspective, you could map it as if it were a shared path,
but the road rules are different.  It is a footpath adjacent to a bicycle
only path, divided by a white line.  Could be a bit busy on the map, so
tagging as a footpath with bicycle=yes is probably easier.

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