[talk-au] Australian Roads Tagging

Ian Sergeant isergean at hih.com.au
Mon Feb 11 00:37:29 GMT 2008

"Russell Lang" <gsview at ghostgum.com.au> wrote on 11/02/2008 11:33:08 AM:

> Shared paths are primarily a footpath with cycling also allowed, but
> bicycles must give way to pedestrians.  The common usage you described is
> to map them the other way round, bicycles first, pedestrians second!

It makes sense to use


for a shared path, rather than


The first indicates that way is built to cycleway standards, widths etc.

The second is just a footpath, which may not be built to cycleway
standards, on which cyclists are allowed to ride.

FOr example, in Canberra, cyclists are allowed to right on all footways,
and peds are allowed on all cycleways.  How, then to tell the difference
between a cycleway and a footpath, unless the highway=cycleway tag is used?


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